Raison-D-etre (noun) – rai·son d’ê·tre [rày zawn déttrə] (plural rai·sons d’ê·tre[rày zawn déttrə]) noun: raison d’être; plural noun: raisons d’être

  1. reason for living: something that gives meaning or purpose to somebody’s life, or the justification for something’s existence
  2. most importing reason: The thing that is most important to someone or something.
    • “Family & Friends are my raison d’être”
  3. a calling: An importing purpose for someone or something’s existence.
    • “a doctor whose raison d’être is healing people”

I am going to try and include links to sources and references material on this blog whenever possible. However, I have been using the about definition for Raison D’être for more than a decade and I have no idea where I originally found it.