6 months?

Has it really been six months since my last post? Wow!

Well, that explains why I just had to delete almost six hundred SPAM comments. The spammers look for blogs that have been abandoned to post comments with links back to their scams. Sorry scammers I had the site set to require me to approve all posts.

So why have I not posted in six months? I did not abandon this site as such, I had abandoned my life. Between my health issues, the health issues of my family members, and many other things I had just lost all drive to move forward with my life or for that matter to do anything at all. I had just locked myself away in my room watching my life slip away, only occasionally experiencing life.

That is going to change!!! I will make a post soon explaining how and why.

My Doctor Dumped Me

After almost 20 years of being his patient my primary care doctor dumped me. I knew it was coming. When I was in the hospital the last time, I had a nurse say to me “wow, he really does not like you.” and even though I had just been to see him at his office a week or two before my recent ER visit for my back, he told the ER doctor he had not been his patient for years.

I really don’t blame him, I wish he had not made me look bad by telling them I was lying, but he is now a kidney specialist and I was his last primary care patient. So, what do I do? I have no idea how to find a new doctor.

Doctor Appointment Today

I have an appointment with my primary care doctor today. I hope that he can give me something to help with my back. Every time because I think it is improving it feels worse. However, I am really worried about the appointment too. When I was in the ER for my back he told the ER doctor I had not seen him in years, which is plain false. I went to see him just a few months ago and he came to see me in the hospital back in October. I have been his patient for 18 years. I know I am his last primary care patient, and he wants to dump me, but why did he have to lie.

Stuck in bed

The last few days have been really bad. About five days ago my back started hurting. It is common for me to have back issues and they normally last a day or two. However, over the weekend the pain has got much worse to the point I am finding hard to even get out of bed.

I don’t ever remember being in this much pain.

Very long few weeks

It has been a very long few weeks. I did finally get my NAS up and running and I am very happy with the new software. I have been helping someone build a complex Excel spreadsheet to analyze data from multiple sources.

However, I have not even come close to getting done what I wanted to do. Mostly because I have been in a lot of pain. We have had extreme weather changes from snow to 70s and back in 48 hours. This has been a killer on my joints. I also have a new wound that is making it difficult to sit.

I real need to get my life undercontrol!

Restoring Files to NAS

It has been an exceptionally long week or is it two? However, after replacing one of the new drives that turned out to be bad and switching to UNRAID software the NAS is up and running. It will take a few days to restore every, especially because I have it backing-up to the cloud using MEGA as it is restored. MEGA has as 16TB plan that lets me backup both my NAS and my Plex Media Server.

Time to get away from the computer for a while, do a little cleaning and get some outside time with my puppy Ripley.

NAS Update

I am finally making progress with fixing my NAS (Network Attached Storage). I guess I really should say replacing not fixing, because I am just building a new one. I have a new (used) computer, new drives and am doing a full new installation of the software. The good thing is that recovering the data is going well this morning. Whatever was causing the error appears to have been a problem with the old computer or software, because right now the old drive is mounted in the new NAS, and I have had no errors recovering the files. I do hope I did not jinx myself with that statement.

Midnight Commander moving files from old drive to new drive