Author: Ken


I just finished writing my eulogy for my best friend. I am going to miss you more than words could ever explain. Sonya I know you are watch down on us. Just know Clara will be safe with all of us. I will never understand why God would take someone so young. I will never understand why […]

GoFundMe for Clara

Last week my best friend, Sofia (Sonya) DeSandro died tragically while visiting Orlando, Florida. She was only 38 years old and a loving mother, wife, and friend to many. She was kindhearted and always there for others who needed a little help. She leaves behind an amazing 15-year-old daughter. Please consider helping me raise money […]

FU 2022

Less than half-hour remains in 2022. I am going to do everything I can to make 2023 a better year. I have a doctor’s appointment this week. Originally the idea was to use this appointment to get referrals to other doctors so I could get things moving, but that may change some, because I have […]