Escaped my dungeon for a while

I don’t leave my house very often; in fact, I don’t leave my bedroom / office / cell very often. It is not that I don’t want too, I just at this time I don’t have anywhere else in the house I can sit on except the side of my bed and it is hard for me to walk and impossible for me to drive. However, today I have escaped, and I am out running errands with my dad.

It feels great to be out, even if things are not going very well for both of us. We had to go to three auto supply stores to find a battery for his van and my photo order from Walgreens that I received an email saying was done had not even started and could not printed until much later today. I couldn’t get back out, so I had to cancel the order.

All that said I am really enjoying being out and really enjoying the weather improving.

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