First Day of Spring?

It is the first day of Sprint Yeah!!! Oh wait it is only 32°F (0°C) outside. The roomer is we will be almost 60°F (15°C) later today so I am hoping to spend a little time outside later today. I really need a relaxing afternoon flying one of my drones, because it has been a crappy week.

This week I had so much that I wanted to get done, but my back as been killing me all week, so I have made almost no progress on anything. To make things worse my NAS died on Friday. It is March and we always have high winds at the end of winter in this part of the country and with above ground powerlines in this part of town this leads to power flickers. So, I am guessing the NAS took a surge. I stupidly did not have it on a UPS.

I think I am going to be able to recover most of the data from the drive, but I really did not need the cost and loss of time recovering data and rebuilding the NAS right now. That said I need files from the NAS to work on other projects.

OH CRAP!! I wanted to include an image with this post, but they are on my NAS.

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