Frustrating Morning

Not final design

I am working making buttons for a YouTuber named Ken Heron to give away as gifts while he is driving with a group of fellow drone pilots from Chicago to Santa Monica following the old Route 66. I stumbled across Ken Heron’s channel while looking for information on getting my FAA Part 107 Certification and I quickly became a fan.

I am using his artwork, so I only had to make a few minor changes and set them up for printing, but this has not gone very well. The magenta cartridge on my Canon ImageClass Color Laser printer is randomly dumbing toner on print jobs (lots of toner), even if it is just a black and white print. I don’t have a spare in stock, but I want to get this job at least started today. So, I decided to have the printed at the local FedEx Store and I would just need to cut them and make the buttons. Simple Right? Well that too has been a real pain in the ass. Their website sucks!!!!

I did get an email saying they received the order so I have my fingers 🤞🏼crossed that the print job it will turn out right.


Well, they printed my order. It was printed on card stock which I don’t think is going to work. I guess I will find out later tonight.

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