Recovering Files

Stock photo don’t open your drive

I have not posted in a few days mostly because most of my time has been spent trying to recover data from my NAS. While I still don’t know what caused it to fail, I have a better idea of what is wrong with it. The system has two 8 terabytes (TB) drives setup in what is called Raid 1 which simply put means that when something is written or deleted from one drive that action is mirror on the other drive.

Well, that is what it should have been doing. It turns out that the mirror drive has no data on it at all and that for some reason the NAS thinks the drives are 115.45 Petabyte (PB) drives, A Petabyte is 1,024 terabytes (TB) and there are no drives even close to that in size with the current largest drive on the market is 18 terabytes (as of 2022).

The recovery is going slow, and I am sure I will not recover everything, but as of this morning the most important files have been recovered. Replacement parts should be here this weekend.

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