Remember 9/11

My tribute video to the victims of 9/11 that I created more than 10 years ago. I worry every year that the memory of this horrible day will fade from our memories. Please do your part to remember this day.

And to my friend Barbara Olson, who died on flight 77, you will always be missed.

Really Motivated today

I had a really short night, waking up around 3 a.m. and just deciding to stay up because I woke up really motivated to get things done. I have a lot of cleaning to do, I want to study, and I am just generally feeling motivated to get things done.

My first plan was to go out on the deck and study, but sadly, while no rain was on the forecast, it has been raining on and off all morning. So I am going to shift to cleaning and hope the weather will improve this after noon.

Hmm, it is raining!

Waiting for Lawyer to text

We have a status hearing this morning for the custody case. The lawyer told us we did not have to be there and that she would text me when it is done. I know it is going to go fine, but I am freaking out about it at the moment.

It is not helping that I had a very bad night. I could not close my eyes without seeing Sonya dead. I have not had this happen in a few months. I gave up on trying to sleep at 4:00 am, and was out on the deck with the puppy by 5:25 am.

That said, I got about an hour of studying this morning, and now I am going to start cleaning. Maybe I will. Everyone else just left, so I am sure the pup is going to come demand attention.

30 seconds later


Our new deck just passed inspection. I am really looking forward to using the deck. It not only gets my some fresh air and vitamin d from the sun, but it gets me out of my bedroom / office I spend almost all day in.

We are still working on lighting for the deck.