Sleepless Night

As I write this post it is about 5AM. I did not get much sleep last night. I woke up about 2:30AM and just could not get back to sleep. So, at 3AM I gave up and decided to start doing a little computer work. For the last week I have been working on rebuilding my NAS/LAB Computer. Most of this time I have been making a backup of the terabytes of data that was on the computer.

Yesterday I was finally able to start the rebuild itself by reinstalling Unraid the OS being used on the server, but that is going to take another few days. Right now, Unraid is building the Drive Array and Parity Drive which takes an exceedingly long time. For any less technical readers as drive array is a group of drives grouped together in a way that a computer thinks they are one drive. A parity drive is a copy of that array so if one of the drives fails you have a backup of all the files on it. This process is going to take a few days and I only have 12 TB of storage on the system.

It is time to take a break and get some air. It is going to be an exceptionally long day to day. After posting this I am going to take a short break on the front porch and after that I have a lot of cleaning and downsizing to do. I need to get my life more organized.