My Mom’s Health

I just got a call from my dad. My brother James and him are visiting my mom at the hospital. He called to tell me her health has had a bad turn for the worse. She has been fighting health issues for over ten years and I really hope she pulls through again, but I am really worried this she may not.

Sonya’s Car

We have now been trying for months now to get Sonya’s car from Orlando. This process has been a total nightmare. People who promised to help but just blew off appointments to pick up the keys from the Orlando Sharif evidence department, others canceled their trips. Every plan just keeps falling through. We have now reached a hard deadline. If we don’t get the car picked up in the next few days, it will be towed.

So today another friend is schedled to pick up the keys at 3pm. He is going to drive the car back to Illinois. I am praying this plan works.

UPDATE: He has the car. It should be back in Illinois in a few days.

Really Missing Sonya

I have been really missing Sonya the last few days. I even broke down yesterday afternoon and cried for the first time in about a week. I think a lot of it has been that I have been really worried about Clara’s future. I have also been trying to arrange to have Sonya’s car shipped back to Illinois from Florida. It is not as costly as I thought it would be, but trying to get her keys released by the investigator has been difficult because I can’t reach her.

One Month

Yesterday was a very emotional day. I had to take Clara to the doctor for the first time since her mom past. Having to update Clara files to list her mom as deceased and add Tonya and I on as her guardians hit Clara extremely hard. I knew I was going to need to make the changes and I wanted to do it behind her back, but the register called her over.

This morning was not any better because as of today Sonya has been gone for one month. Which both feels like it can’t have been that long, and it must be longer at the same time.

However, tonight Clara and I had a good time. We set up her new computer, we watched MHS The Wiz from my freshman year, and we just talked. I really love the kid and I would give her the world if I could.

Who needs sleep!

I don’t know why, but I have been waking up at 3 A.M. on the dot almost every night and I can’t figure this out why. On some nights I can get back to sleep normally after an hour or two, on other nights like last night I can’t.

In fact, last night I had at most 3 hours of sleep, and I have been going nonstop all day and it is about 10:30 P.M. and I am still not tired. Where has this ability been hiding?